Bringing drama to Maidstone since 1946

The Willington Players proudly support the following organisations during our Habeas Corpus production week.
For every ticket ordered through these organisations, £5.90 is returned to their funds.

Tuesday 8 November
Cancer Research UK, Maidstone Riverside Rotary, St Margaret's Church Barming

Wednesday 9 November
United Reformed Church, Hi Kent, Maidstone Day Centre, St. Philip's Church, Maidstone Winter Shelter, Weald of Kent Rotary

Thursday 10 November
St. Nicholas Church Bellringers, St. James the Great Church East Malling, Medway Sunlight Rotary

We are always keen to attract new charities to our partnership scheme. Please click here if you would like to contact us for more information.

The Willington Players would like to thank all participating charities for their continuing support.